Soul Fishing Skincare Routine + A Christmas Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I sometimes really envy people with mixed skin. At least you guys have a layer of lipids (fats on the skin). I seriously doubt that I have one, since my skin is really sensitive and feels constantly tight. In the summer, it turns red before you can say ‘’lobster’’ and just as the winter comes, I think: ‘’Oh well, at least the nasty UV rays won’t get to me with all this cloudy and rainy weather, so my skin is going to be fine.’’ Wrong. There’s central heating and then again, there’s the cooooold. If I don’t properly moisturize with a specific face cream that really deeply moisturizes and nourishes, my skin gets flaky and blotchyL Also, I can’t use any heavily scented bath soaps, shower gels or body lotions, they are way too aggressive on my skin. So, here’s my new and updated list from the old one mentioned here.

Lips balms: I am currently using threeJ Sorry, but dry lips usually come in package with the dry skin. During the coldest months, Carmex Lip Balm has proven to be the most effective. Seriously, if you have chapped lips, use this lip balm and all your lip problems are going to disappear. Another great lip balm is Lanolips lip balm with SPF 15 in ‘’Rhubarb.’’ It’s very rich, glossy and non-sticky, my favorite combination. Also, I love the fact that it’s tinted and that it contains all natural lanolin, which is a natural fat found in sheep’s wool. Last but not least, I use Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balm. It definitely hydrates the lips, but that’s it. I does not give you that extra protection that you need in the cold and windy winter weather, so right now, I am mostly switching between Lanolips and Carmex.

Foot Cream: I have been using the Gehwol Medical foot cream for three years now and I have never wanted no experiment with any new foot creams ever since. I am honestly very very pleased with it. You can purchase it any Sanolabor medical supply stores.

L’Oreal Micellar Gel: I actually purchased this in Dublin as you can’t get it in Slovenia and I have to say it’s pretty solid. I use it to remove my eye makeup and it has proven to be efficient. It doesn’t dry out my skin and it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy, so it was definitely a good purchase.

Nivea Micellar Water: I have been using these micellar waters for the last 6 months, L’Oreal as well as Nivea, and I can’t really say that I feel any difference. I haven’t noticed any changes, such as smaller pores as the product promises. For me, it’s just an ordinary skin tonic. Nothing special. What’s your experience with the micellar water?

Le Petit Marseillais Body Lotion: It smells divine, hydrates my skin to perfection with Shea butter, almond extracts and Argan Oil. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

Soraya Face and Hand Creams: I switch between the Soraya day cream with collagen and ceramides and the Soraya vita therapy E+F vitamin night cream, a combination which has proven to be very effective, a small miracle, since my skin does not always react well to sudden changes. Also, I hate it when it says ‘’nourishing’’ or ‘’moisturizing’’ on the package and it turns out that the product does not even remotely contain enough lipids for really dry skin. What does that mean in practice? The product practically evaporates from my face in matter of a few hours.

That’s why I have been using the Soraya products for over a year now. My skin got back that healthy glow of the nourished skin and I love the fact that I don’t have to reapply the cream at all, even when it’s windy or cold or when there’s central heating on. Also, I have started using the Soraya Honey and Milk hand cream that smells divine, but without that ‘’in your face’’ aggressive smell that some hand creams have. It’s really discreet and lovely and it leaves my hands well moisturized without any stickiness. It’s a win!

That’s why I have decided to host a Christmas giveaway!  I have been so pleased with the quality of the Soraya products that I want to share it with you guys! You are so amazing and I would like to thank you with this giveaway!

So, I am giving away a 10 euro Soraya voucher, a perfect Christmas present since you can choose whatever you like according to your skin type and even get a free skin consultation with the Soraya team, how cool is that?:)

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The giveaway ends on December 9, 2014 at 9:00 am local time (CET).

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  1. Lušten giveaway :) contactlippiehippie@gmail.com

  2. Same pohvale sem slišala o Soraya izdelkih. Super ideja za giveaway. :)
    Moj mail: tanja.kanc@hotmail.com

    1. o, hvala:)) Me veseli, da ti je všeč:)

  3. Živjo! Dobra objava in giveaway :) Sama imam tudi Niveino micelarno in Le petit m. losjon za telo, oba izdelka sta mi všeč :) Sem izpolnila vse štiri korake, plus še moj email: polona.kaplar@gmail.com :)

    1. O, hudo:) Fino mi je, ker si takole izmenjavamo ideje na internetu:) Duly noted;)

  4. Zelo zanimiv blog že nasplošno ga je zanimivo prebirat. Sem naredila vse korake. Moj mail: janjaa.salcman@gmail.com

    1. Hvala Janja, ko sem začela blogat nisem vedela v katero smer naj grem, naj grem v modo, kozmetiko, potovanja, itd... pa sem se odločila za vse:) Še veliko užitkov pri branju mojega bloga:*

  5. Super objava, tudi sama imam VELIKE probleme v zimskem času :( kožo imam konstantno suho, občutek imam kot da se mi lušči in jo moram vsak večer nujno namazat z kremo. zdaj sem presedlala na masla, saj so bolj učinkovita, uporabljam tega od Le Petit Marseillais, istega vonja kot imaš ti losjon. Mislim, da ta losijon nebi imel nekega dolgotrajnega učinka na moji koži :( pa tut obraz imam obupno suh, si morem zvečer nujno namazat z mandljevo kremo za obraz od Afrodite :) no dovolj mojega čvekanja, samo pohvalim še, da je super giveaway :) pogoje sem vse izpolnila pod imenom Julija Raišp, moj email pa je julija.raisp@gmail.com

    1. Živjo, Julija, ti masla nič ne zamašijo por? Vedno sem se malo bala, da če bom presedlala na maslo, da pa bo ravno nasprotni učinek. Kar se tiče mandlja, mi je ful všeč Linija izdelkov iz mandlja od L'Occitana, to pa naravnost obožujem, ampak mi je malo draga. Za obraz pa razmišljam, da bi poskusila arganovo olje, baje da je super, si ga že poskusila?

    2. Nic ne zamasijo, jih pa uporabljam res samo za telo :) izdelki od loccitana so super, je pa res da so cenovno res malo prevec za mene :( sem bla ta vikend na preizkusanju njihovih izdelkov, pa mi je tut linija angelika zelo vsec :) arganovega olja pa se nisem poskusila, ce ga bos, pa javi ce je fajn :)


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