Inspiration: La Marelle

La Marelle is a French Label which I personally adore! Their designs are so colorful and playful. As far as their jewelry is concerned, I would recommend wearing just one piece at a time, two at most. Personally, I would wear it on a darker item of clothing because it emphasizes the piece more. Each item, may it be a brooch or a ring, is a little work of art:)

My favorite picks include:

These necklace pendants:

A little angel in a polka dot dress. How cute!:)

This is an old-school photograph
and painting all in one. Love it!

This Bambi bracelet is absolutely adorable.

I actually own this particular brooch
(and I am always complimented on it) ;)

This Little Red Riding Hood Brooch is on my wish list:)

...and pocket mirrors.

The only ''problem'' that I have with La Marelle collections is that I want to have everything! Their vibrant colors and aesthetic designs are addictive eye candy!

Have a nice Sunday!

Love, Teja xoxox

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