Vintage sort of Preppy Chic

Hi, everybody,
I am a huge fan of vintage clothes and the trend called ''preppy chic'':) It usually has a sort of vintagee feel to it, so let's talk about that. The ''preppy chic'' must-haves are: 
  1. dark-rimmed glasses, preferably Ray-bans wayfarers (the more Clark Kent-like, the better)
  2. a white blouse, preferably with bib-like collar or ruffled shoulders. Or both;)
  3. a woolen short skirt or a skirt made of any thick material (you can play with patters here)
  4.  knee-high socks (you can choose any color you like but I would stick to neutral tones)
  5. the Oxford shoes aka the Oxfords. Love them!!!

This is the somewhat stricter version of the preppy chic with black glasses,
 a black skirt and black shoes but she balances the strictness
quite nicely with nude tones
and the gorgeous nude Chanel bag.
This is, as you can see, not a typical example of the preppy chic
but I included it in my post anyway because it falls into the ''vintage'' category
(ruffles on the blouse, school girl cardigan).
The little pops of red really complement Alexandra Golavanoff's outfit. 

I love this vintage blouse. And the girl's hair. If I had long lang hair, I swear I would wear them like this the whole time!

The rockabilly version of vintage chic.
Love the bow in her hair and the pattern on her blouse.
Cute shoes! Love that shade of lipstick! Also a bit rockabilly-ish:)
So young and already so chic.
These oxfords are definitely on my wishlist!

This outfit is my absolute favorite!
Louise Ebel brilliantly mixed and matched a long slinky nude dress
with a leather moto jacket, nerdy glasses and beret and actually made it work!

Take care,

Teja xoxox


  1. The last pic is also my favourite :)

  2. That little girl is so fashionable! I would totally wear that outfit... in big girl size of course:) I love Miss Pandora and all of Louise's outfits, especially this one!


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