Lumberjack Chic

Lumberjack Chic

Lumberjack Chic by soul-fishingblog featuring the row

When I dress up I like mixing things together that don't usually go together: masculine and feminine, studded leather with silk, rhinestone bracelet with leather boots, plaid shirt with high heels... I like playing with different textures and materials and what I think is really important is that I don't think too much of what I put on. If it's fun, if it reflects how I feel on that particular day, if I feel comfortable, I just go with it and that's a really important aspect of fashion, in my humble opinion:)

When I was putting together this Lumberjack chic set, I chose a really high quality chic parka and sort of built the entire set around it, paying attention to particular details of the parka, like the leather sleeves and fur. That's why I called this set ''Lumberjack Chic'':)


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