A New Recipe: Mini Fruit Tarts

I haven't done a recipe post in a while now, so I believe it's about time to get started.

For 12 mini tarts, you'll need:

300 g flour
1 egg
90 g powdered sugar, it can be brown or white
200 g softened butter

300 ml milk
1 package of powdered vanilla pudding (the best if dr. Oetker)
80 g powdered white sugar
120 g softened butter
300g of any kind of fruit, the best fruits are: peaches, apricots and any kid of berries
jelly dressing for cakes

    1. Mix the crust ingredients and really squish them with your hands (this should give you a feeling of immense enjoyment, if not, you're doing something wrong;))


    2. Form the dough into a ball like in the bottom picture:  


     3. Cover the ball of dough with silver foil. Once the dough is wrapped thoroughly in foil, let it rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
    (This would be a perfect time for you to have a glass of rose or pinot noir with a friend or your honey)

    4.Take the dough ball our of the fridge and roll it out using lots and lots of flour. Take the baking mini tart models and cut the dough into circles.


    5. Put the dough inside the models and press it firmly into the model.

    6. Take a fork and poke holes into the dough.

    7. Set the oven to 200C and bake for 10 min till the ends turn golden brown.

    8. When it comes to making vanilla pudding just follow the instructions on the package and when the vanilla pudding is almost done and it's nice and hot, just add butte to the mixture, it will make the cream even creamier. Yummy!

    9. Cut the fruit, I used sweet pears and juicy apples, 'cause I had run out of all other fruit:S

    10. Pour the vanilla mixture on the top of each tart. Decorate it with fruit and pour over the jelly mixture.

    And voila! You've got yourself mini tarts! Good job!

    Now you're probably wondering where the heck is the cake-coating jelly? Well, t turns out that I bought the wrong kind in the supermarket and when I realized this, it was too late. But I promise you, it's just as delicious without the jelly:)

    Have a sweet Friday,




    1. Looks delicious!! I'm going to try this out! Thanks for sharing!

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    2. Thank the gods that I'm already eating because you post would have driven me mad! I think I might have to give your recipe a try one Sunday. Thank you for posting!

      The Queen of Hearts

      1. Darling, this recipe works on Monday's, Tuesday's, wednesdays... ;) it's just delicious, there will be more coming up for sure, thanks for your support!

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