To the Artmarket

Yesterday, the patron of art extraordinaire that I am, went to the Artmarket, now known as ARTISH, yet again, because I just couldn't believe what creative ideas everybody had, how colorful and wonderful everything was. There were handmade bags (one was even made of wood), jewelry made of silver, beads, wire, pieces of cloth, handmade dresses, T-shirts, handmade notebooks, make-up bags, etc.

It was, like, every piece of jewelry, every brooch and ring had an overdose of cuteness, man! Just adorable. It was über-cute! Or maybe it was just the fact that it was summertime and there's golden sunshine, crisp fresh air and  everything looks more beautiful than usual but still... I think we have some amazing illustrators, designers and painters in our little country. I just wish that they would get more recognition that they deserve.

I personally liked the label HandmadesweetheART best, I thought it was very original, the presentation of the product was quite polished and professional.

HandmadesweetheART brooches in different shapes and sizes

The woman behind the HandmadesweetheART label: Nina Kavžar. 
You can contact her on Facebook:)

The woman behind the Soul Fishing Blog:) 
I am wearing this beautiful HandmadesweetheART necklace.
I fell for this necklace hard!

Some trinkets from the Sonja label

Another labe that caught my eye was the KICjeRAJ label (also on Facebook). Check out these cool vintage brooches made of real vintage postage stamps from the times of Yugoslavia.

More brooches made of magazine clippings and travel cards.

This is a fridge magnet... in case you were wondering:)

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  1. Super fotografije. Hvala za obisk na stojnici in fotografijo. Upam, da se oglasiš tudi naslednjič. Ponujam prostor za parkiranje čelade :)

  2. Ja, valda da pridem:) keep me posted kdaj bodo naslednje stojnice, pa hvala za zastonj parkirplac :D

  3. hvala ti za super fotkice pa se vidimo spet naslednjič in kakšno rečeva;)


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