Artmarket in Ljubljana

I admit... I am an Artmarket junkie. No, for real, I remember one summer, I went every Saturday to Artmarket and I always ended up buying something. And I believe this earns me the title '' the patron of art'' now:)

Artmarket is a market held in the center of Ljubljana where Slovene artisans are selling their arts and crafts. Everything is handmade, delightful, colorful, I feel like I see into the soul of every artisan when I touch their work.

It's a great opportunity to meet new people, meet old friends ('cause Ljubljana is small), get inspired and my personal favorite - have a chat with the artisans and then shop til you drop;)

My first stop was at Balkan Art Now where they sold some very interesting graphics, among which Marlyn caught my eye:

Then of course it was impossible to ignore these guys:

Leather keychains made by Jana Seliškar, you can contact her at: janaseliskar@gmail.com

Then I had a nice chat about Dr Martens boots made entirely of wire with Marjeta Hribar, the artisan behind the MetkaCvetka label (note to the reader: do not wear these Dr Martens when it's raining)

Then I fell in love... with the Lintu label! I remember seeing their work at Babushka, but now it was here, right in front of me, and I just couldn't decide which piece I liked best.

I thought it was really clever how they displayed the rings in a box filled with white rice, very original.

Gorgeous! Love it!

And last but not least...

... I purchased this illustration from Meta Weber, you can check out her blog here.

Have a fun Sunday, everybody!



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