Chicken in Cream Sauce with Air-dried Ham


today, I was trying out a new recipe from my friend Anita:

For 2 persons, you'll need:

1 chicken breast
1 cream fraiche (the smaller cup)
50 g of air-dried ham (aka prosciutto)
500g of frozen gnocchi

1. dice the air-dried ham

2. Put the diced air-dried ham into a heated pan. 
Cook it until gold and crispy.

3. Cut the chicken breast into strips

4. add the chicken to the air-dried ham.
Cook the meat until golden brown.

5. put the gnocchi into hot salted water. 
Cook until the come up to the surface, like this:

6. add the creme fraiche to the chicken and air-dried ham.
Cook for another 3 minutes:

7. put the meat mixture onto gnocchi.

Bon apetit!

Thank you Anita for this recipe!

Hugs and kisses,


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