Freiburg, Germany

Greetings from Germany, meine Lieblinge,

I am currently ina lovely city called Freiburg, which is practically bordering to France. I arrived yesterday by train from Frankfurt and I was surprised by two things:

  1. how expensive the friggin´ return ticket from Frankfurt to Freiburg was – 111 euros (that is from one city in Germany to another city in Germany. The entire journey took 2 hours and 15 min). As a comparison, I can tell you that a return ticket from Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) to Graz in Austria costs only 30 euros (and you go across the border and the journey takes 3,5 hrs – hello?!)

  1. how wonderfully orderly everything was. Well, is. All the upcoming stations were on display, there were no delays, everything fuctioned perfectly. Ordnung und Diszipline, as the Germans would say.

As I was saying, I am visiting my friend Sonja in Freiburg and after a little walk around the Schlossberg and a muscle cramp in my right thigh, we had a really lovely dinner with Mediterranean spices and garlic. Sonja´s boyfriend Simon was the cook and after a long day´s journey, a hearty dinner was all I needed.

Simon prepared chicken with potatoes and carrots. As a side dish, we had salad with a homemade yoghurt dressing. Yum.

After that, I slept for ten hours straight like a baby:)

Here are a few snapshots from Freiburg:

Das Freiburger Münster

The lovely view from Schlossberg

Our dinner

No dinner in Germany is really complete without beer:) This one is regional:)

Tschüß for now,


Teja xoxoxo

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