Shopping and Eating in Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia has a special energy that just draws me back; I just must visit it again and again (because my visit in November 2012 just wasn't enough). And every time feels like it's the first time. The city is adorable with its little nooks and boutiques and tiny cafes that can sit like 10 people. I love it! It has an interesting combination of old socialist blocks of flats and 300-year-old buildings. The center is especially full of the latter. I stayed for two days and I had lots to do so I did my best to make the best of the time I had had. This is what I had been up to:

I visited the Iggy Boutique:

 Yes, it is a see-through purse:)

 This is what I call S&M chic

 Love the big bow on the backless dress!

This stuff was glued and spray-painted on the counter:) Poor teddy bear!

The Zagreb Flea Market at Britanski trg:

Pizzeria Chateau:

The best damn pizza in town!

The Vinodol Restaurant:

 The dessert: chocolate cake with the liquid middle:*

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