Viva la Vintage

Now that the summer holidays are finally here, I have more time for myself (read: more time for cleaning, washing up and doing the ironing), I've come across some really old photos in our family album. And since it's summertime, I picked the ones that are summer themed, like this one from the summer of '26, almost a hundred years ago. My great-grandmother is on the photo far right:) 
I am loving her white summer dress.
I was drawn to this photo because the little girl looks so chic and confident:))
 I think she was the daughter of a family's friend
The photo was taken in 1950.
Loving the little white shorts on her.
Mind you, the reason why the lady is giving us the evil eye 
would probably be because the sun is in her eyes:)
Loving her white gloves and shoes, 
they look like they had little white hearts sewn on them:)
All the clothes you see on these children were handmade. 
I've picked this photo because of the cool retro prints 
which are totally back in fashion.
I've saved the best for the last: My grandmother in her teens (far left) with her girlfriends. 
The photo must have been taken before the WWII.
Loving their summer dresses.

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  1. Te stare družinske fotografije so res zlata vredne... Prav vsaka ima zgodbo in dušo.

    1. Hvala Evelina, se strinjam s tabo. Imam občutek, da se nam bo še kolcalo po časih ko še ni bilo selfijev:)


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