The Ljubljana Fashionistas

The Location: The Open Kitchen Stands, The Ljubljana Center (Ljubljana as in the capital of Slovenia, and no, that is not even remotely near Russia.)

The Mission: Find as many fashionistas as possible and photograph them for the blog.

The Instruments: a superspy SONY camera + raybans. I would have brought a panama hat with me, but this post is written by a very forgetful superspy agent.

But here it is - the best from the best, people.

Subject Study No 1: Wear either linen or cotton loose tunics
with rolled up sleeves and rolled up shorts to complement the look.
Shoes: Converse, of course.
Accessories: An ice cold lemonade.

Subject Study No 2: Wear long skinny black pants with puff-sleeved blouse.
Instant chic.
You better stay in shade, though.

Subject Study No 3: The Classic shorts and T-shirt that never go out of style.
Complement them with raybans and bandana to give it a vintage twist. 

Subject Study No. 4: Wear a maxi dress with a skull pattern.

Subject Study No. 5:  Birkenstocks are making a comeback in every shape and size.
Wanna follow the latest trends? Stock up on Birkenstocks.
Then wear a floral mid-waist skirt and a loose T-shirt 
to balance out the look.

Subject Study No. 6: It's difficult to rock the hot pants 
without making them look slutty on you. 
The key to being chic is taking something loose and wearing it with something tight.
Jeans hot pants + a loose cotton shirt in hot pink here is a total win.

Subject Study No. 7: When I watch people in the streets of Ljubljana, 
I notice that there is a definite lack of yellows and light greens in the Summer. 
People usually stick to pinks, blues, whites, 
beiges, maybe oranges and the list stops here.
Why not wearing a yellowish green dress 
with a mini brown belt? Look how cute it looks:)

Hope you enjoyed this post,


Teja xoxo

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