Graz, Austria

Do you know what the first thing was that I did, upon arriving in Graz?

Really? Honestly?

I had a gigantic Wiener Schnitzel (The Vienna Steak) with French Fries. I was so hungry after the long train ride, I was on that Wiener like a diabetic on chocolate cake! And I relished in it! Even though I almost never eat fried food.
Then I went sightseeing with friends in blistering heat of the afternoon sun, marinating in my own juices, my brain turning into jello under the merciless Austrian sun, so we had to make a stop at a street café. Now, the best thing to order in Graz when you’re dehydrated like this is ‘’gespritzter Apfelsaft’’ which is mix of apple juice with mineral water, very Austrian, very refreshingBy the way, if you have a sweet tooth, you must stop by at the Café Le Schnurrbart, they have the best crepes! I had a Nutella and banana oneJ
After that, it was time to conquer the Schlossberg, the little hill above Graz with a clock tower, which meant walking all the way to top, again in heat and humidity, my clothes sticking to skin. Again, this whole feat had made me hungry, so I thought I’d order something light, like a chicken salad. Upon closer inspection of my salad, I had noticed it came with an Austrian twist – with a layer of potato salad hidden under the pieces of lettuce and again with fried stripes of chicken on the top. It was good, but kind of heavy. I have realized that the Austrians will fry any kind of meat you order and there will be potatoes on your plate, magically appearing out of nowhere.
The view from the Schlossberg
Das Grazer Kunsthaus, a renowned exhibition venue
Das Grazer Opernhaus - The Graz Opera

The next day it was cloudy and less hot, thank God, and since dark clouds were starting to gather, which meant only one thing – rain. And because it would rain – that meant I couldn’t really go sightseeing – which meant only one thing – shoppiiiiing!
A detail from one of the many small streets in Graz

The best place to go shopping would be the Kastler and Ohler shopping mall in the city center or any shop around the Herrengasse. One of the cutest ones to check out would be the Barenland gummi candy shop, opposite the Kasler and Ohler shopping mall. They have such good candy!

Also, when I was having a stroll around the city center, I also explored the little streets and it turns out there were full of really cute boutiques I would have never seen, had I stayed in the center.
In the evening, it was time to go home. What a lovely two days it had been.

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Teja xoxo


Teja xoxo

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