Food, Glorious Food

I cannot tell you how happy I am that Ljubljana's Food Market called Open Kitchen (Slov. Odprta Kuhna) has come to life to such an extent as is has now. Food and people from all corners of the world, all clustered in a tiny little market in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana.

The first thing that visitors from near and far would notice is the enticing smell of grilled food, making your mouth water. Then comes the hard part: what to choose? Considering the smallness of the food market, it has a surprisingly wide selection of food, may it be Asian, Iranian, Brazilian, Argentinian or the local Slovene food (try štruklji, you won't regret it), bound to tease your taste buds.

Are you in the mood for something savory, something sweet or something tangy? Browse among the food stalls for your belly's desire and you shall find:)
I recommend Experiment No Art No Fun's Coffee and other refreshing beverages. The best coffee I've ever had and I am very picky when it comes to good coffee. The coffee beans are 100% locally roasted.
 You have to try the Brazilian paella, served by these two ladies, they are so friendly!
Also, for the dessert, I recommend you try the Kaiserschmarl, 
which is basically a scrambled pancake with sugar and raisins. Yummy!

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  1. Se že nekaj časa spravljam pogledat na to Odprto kuhinjo, pa mi ne uspe :( Če ne prej, pa oktobra ko se začne novo študijsko leto in se selim nazaj v LJ :)

    1. Pojdi pogledat na Odprto Kuhno, je super, ful dogaja:))


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