The Slovenian Mediterranean

Every now and then it feels good to escape the capital and go to the countryside to recharge my batteries. I love everything about it: the Karst wind caressing my face, the mild scent of lavender lingering in the air, the balmy summer evenings that I spend on a terrace with friends having a glass of red wine, the healthy food that melts on my tongue, torturing my taste buds with delight... I love the Mediterranean region of Slovenia and I seriously believe it is underrated among the Slovenes.
When I eat the juicy fruits from this region, I can taste the sun.
I spent the weekend cooking in the kitchen, learning a new pesto recipe (coming up:)), picking lavender in the garden, having Turkish coffee on the terrace, enjoying long walks (and photography sessions) in the nature... While walking, I could just feel the stress melting away, my heart rate steadying and my soul resting. 
The best part was of course the food. Fresh vegetables from the garden, homemade wine, pasta... It was so good, that even the little kitty wanted some:) 


Teja xoxo

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  1. You take such gorgeus photos, Teja! And the food looks as yummy as you described it.
    Wish I had myself a secret hideway like that to escape to :))

    xx Maruša http://marusabarle.weebly.com/blog


Thank you for your comment. I love them:)