La Bella Italia

I have traveled throughout Italy and I have come to one conclusion: every piazza, may it be big or small, is absolutely adorable and this one was basically saying: ''Teja, take a photo of meeeee!'' Of course I obliged.
I love sitting down at such a piazza, and then I would just indulge in people watching - which in Italy, is a real treat! The Italians are always talking loudly, their words completely in sync with their lively hand gestures, (by the way, you should check out the Guardian's article on Italian hand gestures here), wining and dining at the small tables, laden with food that has never been touched by the genetic modification... yes, the Italians know how to enjoy life. So, I decided to copy them, having a gingerino, which is the Italian version of aperol spritz, and a macchiato.
I fell in love with this cafe and its interiors. It was so homey with its original vintage pieces:)
I love this photo. The gentleman looked so Italian.
The original Italian pasticcheria. You can buy sweets, cakes and bread:)
Strolling around, I found this 1920s, perhaps even slightly older, shop with the original wooden panels.


Teja xoxo

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  1. Which town was that? Those places really look so authentic!



Thank you for your comment. I love them:)