My Latest Obsession: Zara Menswear on Women Fall/Winter 2012

It has come to my attention that lately, while shopping in Zara, I’ve been browsing through men’s accessories more than through women’s. And I even liked some of the pieces more than women’s. So I’ve decided to do a post on accessories for men, which can be used on women as well. I love the idea of mixing and matching ‘male’ and ‘female’ together all in one look. So here it is. My favorite pieces in Zara Menswear Fall/Winter 2012. And yes, I would LOVE to have all the following pieces in my closet:)

The herringbone cap – love the pattern. So chic!
The stockinette stitch hat. Have it:)

The hooded scarf. So cool.

The jacquard pattern collar. I want to have this collar. Asap.

The micro pattern scarf. Again, love the pattern and the color.

The plaited collar. I heart this collar.

The latest trend for fall/winter 2012 is a bow tie for women, as seen on Diane Kruger. One usually wears a bow tie together with a blazer or tux and the whole shebang that goes with it; that’s why it’s very easy for women to overdo it and look too butch. In order to maintain some sort of balance and still be feminine and sexy, it actually all comes down to hair and accessories.

If you decide to wear your hair in a bun, make sure you wear at least one very feminine piece to soften this look. Diane Kruger pulls it off splendidly with a gorgeous clutch and a pair of high heels.

If you decide for a more casual look, wear your hair loose, play with accessories; add a nice shoulder bag, sheer blouse with a bowtie, sexy black shorts with cute buttons on it and a great pair of shoes.

Unisex bowties in Zara:
The polka dot bowtie. Cute!

The checked bowtie.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



  1. he! Hvala za tale post! Js se tut navdušujem nad temle androginim videzom, sploh v povezavi s swingom in sm zadnje par dni prečesavala razne spletne prodajalne in mi sploh ni pršlo na misel, da mam stvar pred nosom, v moškem oddelku Zare =)u rock!

  2. Hvala:) Androgin videz je pa tko al tko de best;)definitivno si poglej Zara Man, H&M Man, TOPMAN, pa take fore, včasih te prav preseneti, kaj vse imajo in kako se da to fajn kombinirat.


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