The Cliffs of Moher Diaries

If you ever decide to travel to Ireland, this is the place to visit. From my entire Ireland holiday, the Cliffs of Moher were my personal favorite.
Since the bus and train connections in Ireland aren’t that grand (notice me using the local lingo?:)), I think the most elegant way for a tourist would be to go to the local tourist office and book a day tour. I chose the Paddywagon Tours and the cost per person was 35 euros. Since my hostel was also sponsoring (or being sponsored by ?) the tour, it came cheaper, only 27 euros, which was a bargain! So, my advice would be to ask at your hostel if you get a discountJ
Our guide, Gavin, warned us beforehand that there are no rails or fences and that theCliffs of Moher are the cheapest way to get a divorce, since it is only one push away (I have always appreciated the British-slash-Irish dry humor).
(Ever wondered what's at the bottom of the cliffs? Ta-daaah!)

Watching the tourists, I have noticed many faux-passes in the way they were dressed or the way they were acting, so I’ve comprised a hopefully helpful to do list:

So, if you’re visiting the Cliffs of Moher, this is what you should do:

-leave the skimpy skirts and tops and home and dress warmly with a windbreaker on top. A really strong cold wind is blowing from the Atlantic and let’s face it, you’re not a polar bear. Or Irish. Or an Irish polar bear.
-leave the flip-flops at home. There are rocks and stones that become really slippery when it’s raining (which is basically all the time in Ireland). Wear appropriate (waterproof) shoes. (If you’re reading this thinking, well that’s common sense. Well, my experience has shown that common sense ain’t common enough - quite a few people were in flip flops climbing on rocks – and slipping on rocks).
-wear a scarf around your neck to keep your throat warm. You’ll thank me once you get there.

-wear a sweat-proof T-shirt under your sweater. Why? There’s a lot of climbing going on there and you will sweat. Once you stop and pose for the latest selfie, the wet cotton T-shirt under your sweater will feel cold against your back and you can catch a cold later on. A sweat-proof T-shirt will absorb the sweat and won’t feel cold against your skin. I really recommend it.

-have an extra piece of clothing, such as an extra sweater or extra T-shirt in your backpack ready to change.

-do not go to the Cliffs if you have a fear of heights. Seriously. I’ve noticed a couple of people freaking out and running inland towards safety. If you have a fear of heights, why would you walk along the edge of the 218-meter-high cliffs that have no rail? In my opinion, that’s just asking for it!

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  1. Že nekaj časa u planu, definitivno letim tudi jst kmalu na Irsko :) Ampak trenutno sm ti res fooouš! Uživaj ;)

    1. irska je brez primere čudovita, zelo jo priroročam za destinacijo, samo na muhasto vreme se je treba navadit... pa imet kakšne tablete za grlo s sabo;)


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