Shopping and Eating in Dublin

Hey guys, this post is about one of my favorite activities when I go abroad which are shopping and eating. I have to admit that I avoided most of the mainstream fashion labels, such as H&M, Zara, Topshop, etc. because we have them in Slovenia and also because I am getting fed up with them and was ready to discover something new and fresh, preferably local.

I discovered 9 Crow Street completely by accident as I was passing by the shop windows. Looking back, I think I was drawn by the pretty pastel colors. Upon entering I fell in love with the eclectic interior design, it’s sort of a mish-mash of old and new which is also reflected by the goods: they are part vintage, part brand new. Speaking of which, you should check out the 9 CrowStreet’s label Pretty Owls Drink Tea, it is a kind of homage to unicorns and mermaids. I mean who doesn’t like unicorns? Or mermaids?

The label and shop's owner 

Cath Kidston
This is actually an English label selling bags, clothes, wallpaper, and stationery with a vintagey vibe. And since I am a total sucker for anything with prints, my feet just spontaneously turned into the shop’s direction. Everything, and I mean everything when I say everything, was in prints. It was cute but I think that you can get a bit of a stimuli overload since everything is so colorful and… printed, your eyes don’t get a minute’s rest. I’d still recommend it because it’s so English.
This was one of my favorite galleries in Dublin, selling only art by Irish artists. I really liked the venue, it’s airy, full of light and everything is cleverly displayed, using up almost all available wall space. The art comprises mostly of really amusing colorful prints (see my Instagram account), brooches, postcards and eclectic jewelry. The price range is very customer friendly, so I immediately treated myself to a cool vintage printJ A must-see!
This is another really nice vintage shop, one of the many in Dublin that I would recommend. When you enter, you should totally check out the boho-chic jewelry behind the glass case, it’s more expensive but soooo pretty!
The ground floor is filled with really eclectic jewelry, among which are many steam punk pieces that, I admit, could never pull off wearing. The basement is a true vintage treasure chest. All you need is a bit of patience to dig out your little vintage treasure.

Leo Burdock – Traditional Fish and Chips
This is truly the best Chipper in Dublin, and also the oldest one. I was served by an older gentleman, (was he Mr Burdock?), who was one of the coolest people I have ever met. I don’t know why, but I immediately liked him. He took his time with the Fish and Chips, but he served it to me with that old school style. Like a boss. The fish tasted amazing!
Peacockgreen Heavenly Cakes and Pastries
I have to admit that I didn’t go in because the circumstances were such that I really really did not have the time, but judging by the clever display of cakes and the number of clients, it should be goodJ
Umi Falafel
I instagrammed about the Umi Falafel and I will say it again: it really is the best falafel I have had. Well worth the 15-Minute wait because it was full of customers. I think one falafel costs around 5 euros, which is twice as much as in Ljubljana, but it’s also twice as goodJ

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