Stripes and... stripes

The Summer is sort of knocking at my door (''sort of'' because it has been raining non-stop for the past two weeks over here in Ljubljana, grrrr!) and I started thinking about the perfect summer outfits - then it hit me - the striped navy blue and white dress! It's perfect! As I was googling on the net, I sort of widened my search to everything that is striped, really. I just can't get enough of stripes;) And Summer without at least one navy blue and white striped piece in my opinion, is a huge fashion crime:)

A striped T-shirt worn with leather shorts is an interesting
and refreshing combination. Love the mustard colored sandals.

If you have a similar dress like this in your closet,
wear a tiny leather brown belt with it-
it's this season's fashion must-have.

This striped dress sort of speaks for itself,
but you could liven it up with a panama hat,
a really long necklace with a pendant
and a maxi straw bag. The bigger the better.
Size matters:)

Don't be afraid to combine striped pieces with really bright colors,
like Karla on this photo does.

An oversized striped tee worn with jeans is a perfect combination for every occasion.

A striped dress with a scarf and wedges is also a refreshing combination.

An oversized striped cardigan, a red lipstick,
an oversized white dress
and doc martens - only in London:) Love it!
I hope you enjoyed my fashion post - don't be shy to comment;)

Lots of love,

Teja xoxox

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