My Vintage Weekend

Yup, there is such a thing as a vintage overdose:) This time I actually had to save to money and just drool at what cool things there were on display because my pockets were empty from all the sample sales in Ljubljana where I'd found some really cool pieces of clothing, but let's go back to my vintage weekend - this time upgraded with a vintage hair stylist Irina Kysselef and vintage make up artists Maša Grogl and Verena MakeUp in collaboration with a new Slovene label KaNi cosmetics specialising in natural mineral pigments featuring 80 different shades of pigments you can play with.

 Make up artist Maša Grogl in action:)

Hair by Irina Kysselef

 Verena MakeUp

Natural pigments by KaNi cosmetics, so good!

This vintage weekend certainly did not lack in refreshments; the best thing in the summer is having a minty refreshing drink, a bargain at 1 euro:

I think the best thing about vintage shopping is all the little knick-knacks that are everywhere; and even though they seem to be completely mismatched on the stands, they still look good together. There is a quiet order in all this accessorized vintage chaos:)

And I saved the best for the end: what better way to end the vintage weekend than with a dance number?

Have a great Sunday!


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  1. This lilac dress is cute.


    1. I know, right, I couldn't keep my eyes off it! :)


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