Christmas Fair in Park Tabor, Ljubljana

Slovenia is a small country. The Slovenian market is even smaller. Therefore, the Slovene art market is teeny-tiny. It's a shame that so many really good artists with a vision do not get the recognition they deserve because of the size, or should I say, the lack of size of our market. 

The goods were made from a wide variety of materials, from plexi glass, origami, zippers, ceramics to buttons, so it was engaging for the potential buyer. As far as the prices are concerned, they were affordable, alas, there were very few buyers. I don't know why, maybe the Slovene customers are too distrustful to the local artists? 

Many of the artists presented in this post are not at all known in Slovenia, let alone Europe. That's why I've decided to blog about this Christmas Fair in Park Tabor and help them get more recognition. I have also added their contact information, in case you really like something:)

Support our local artists!
LEFT and TOP RIGHT: Jewelry by Čarna
BOTTOM RIGHT: Ceramics by Nina Urh

LEFT: Ceramics by Suzana Kajba (contact: +386 31 209 343)
TOP RIGHT: Jewelry by EB redesign
BOTTOM RIGHT: Unique backpacks by Studio Nomadka

LEFT: 3naja by Ana Verne (contact: 3ana@gmail.com)
TOP AND BOTTOM RIGHT : ars origami

Unique stickers by Pirate Piska

TOP: Unique handmade dolls by Fimo Fantazija
BOTTOM LEFT: Jewelry by Pleksimanija
BOTTOM RIGHT: Jewelry by Izdelki SA

Hope you had wonderful holidays,

Love Teja xoxox

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