My Moustache Brings all the Girls to the Yard...

Have you been seeing lots of mustache images lately? Perhaps a bit more than you would deem usual?
Well, it's because November 2013 is the month of men's health. 
''Goodie!'' you say, ''but what's up with all the guys growing a mustache?''
It's because November 2013 is a men's health awareness month, prostate and testicular cancer in particular, as well as being a men's mental health education and prevention month.

''Yeah, but what's up with the mustache?'' you ask.

Well, don't they look extra manly with a mustache? It's kind of a symbol of their masculinity.

''Yeah, they do look kind of sexy...'' you say: ''so what can I do to show support?''

You can check out the Movember webpage:)

I dedicate this post to you men, because no matter how much you push our buttons, at the end of the day, we still love you!

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