Fashion Crush: Coco Rocha

I watched an interview with her recently, and I was really surprised how down-to-earth and modest she was. She seemed so kind and content with herself and with how her life turned out. You don't see that in models much. I have to say that I respect her for it. And yes, she is obviously drop-dead gorgeous and her sense of style falls into the category of perfection; she is rocking that rock chic look and only super slim and super tall people can pull off:)

She is one of the most versatile models in the today's fashion industry. A chameleon. A fashion icon.



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  1. Meni je ona resnično carica. Ko sem bila malo več na Tumblru sem jo spremljala in njene lastne fotke so res tako preproste, tako enostavna se mi zdi. Podpiram to.!

    1. ja, ful mi je všeč, ker je ostala zvesta sama sebi in to ful spoštujem.Ful hvala za support, Evelina! :)


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