Paint It Black

Paint It Black

Balmain short black cocktail dress, $3,180 / Balmain black shearling jacket, $10,685 / Alberta Ferretti strappy heel sandals / Michael Kors studded tote / Betsey Johnson black vintage jewelry / Luis Morais black bead bracelet / Long wear lipstick / Rosebud Perfume Co. lip treatment / Guerlain nail lacquer, $25 / Black red nail polish

This fall, black is the new pink. If worn properly, it can look extremely elegant and chic. Worn clumsily, and you have a goth disaster on your hands. So the question here is how do you pull off wearing black? 

I am very fair-skinned, so wearing black was out of the question for quite some time. Experience has taught me that the trick is in little pops of color that really balance out the blackness. So, if you're naturally pale, it's actually okay for every piece of your outfit to be completely black as long as you put on a red lipstick (e.g. YSL No 17) and a natural blush (e.g. MAC in Brit Wit). 

If you want more color, you can always upgrade your outfit by adding a tiny red belt or a red purse. Other complementary colors that go well with black are neon yellow, gold, white, silver, lavender, baby blue, etc.

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