Shining Bright Like Diamonds

Sri Lanka is known as the ''Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean.'' It is rich with all kinds of minerals, gems, semi-precious stones and precious stones. So when the opportunity presented itself to visit an international gem show which is annually held here in Colombo, of course I grabbed it with both hands. What woman does not enjoy seeing something sparkly and sinfully expensive?

FACETS Sri Lanka 2013, the 23rd International Gem & Jewellery Show is a must for everyone visiting Sri Lanka. The colorful gems are as much of a part of the cultural experience as, say, riding an elephant.

But where does expensive jewelry come from? 
Well, first, you go to these guys - working 12 hours in the mud, 
digging out gems with their bare hands. Don't ask how much they get paid for.

Then, a jewelry designer designs a lovely piece:

Then, you go to the jewelry cutter
who cuts the diamond in the rough into a perfect sparkly piece of heaven:

And voila! You have yourself an end product:
 The perfect emerald and diamond ring.
Price: $ 100,000

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  1. Uuu, srečnica ti (:
    Samo grozno je dejstvo, koliko so delavci plačani za to.. Koliko pa potem nekdo dobi denarja za en prstan..

    1. Ja, res je velika razlika med plačo tistih, ki morajo delati v blatu in končnim izdelkom. Drugače pa lahko kdorkoli pride na razstavo kamnov, ni vstopnine:)


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