Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

But before we start, a few words on actually finding the things for tutorial:
  • String: The best places to buy the red and white string are the OBI Hardware Store, Konzorcij or the Rayher shop in Mala ulica, but the latter is the most expensive. I got my string in OBI (40 meters for a little more than 3 euros)
  • Washi tape: If you take a closer look at the picture, I have two kinds of washi tapes, the red one I got at Antus 15mm x 10 m for 2,30 euros but it doesn't stick very well, so I'm a bit disappointed. The other one I got at the Rayher shop in Mala ulica, 15mm x 15 m for 2,99 euro. There is also a kind of textile pattern washi tape available there, but it's 3,30 euro for only 5 m, so you want to double check how many meters are you getting for your money.
  • Wrapping paper: I have been looking for the perfect base for the wrapping paper for a long time now, and I came across it in OBI (120g/m2, recycled) where it's sold in really big rolls, and I mean big, like 70 m2, but it's quite cheap, mine was around 6 euros, so it's a good price. 
In this tutorial in went for a vintage-meets-punk-rock gift wrap but you can totally come up with your own ideas, which is why I love DIY. Anything goes. So, here we go:

I decorated the paper with a gorgeous Japanese calligraphy fountain pen that I purchased at the Rayher shop in Mala ulica. It's the best. It just makes you want to doodle all the time.
So, to wrap a present, fold both sides over on themselves slightly so that you have a clean edge. Place the present in the center of your wrapping paper, and make sure that you have enough on the sides. Secure with washi tape.
If necessary, trim off the excess paper on the top and bottom. Start at the bottom side of the excess paper and fold the left and right part towards each other. Then fold the bottom part upwards, so it looks like \_/. Do this again on the other side. Secure with washi tape.

Now center the package on the string. Bring the ends of the string around the package and twist the ends around one another to create a cross. Flip the package over and tie the ends together with a double knot.
Make a gift tag from card paper cardstock, help yourself with premade stencils here. I punched a hole in it with Maped's Mini Hole Puncher (available in Konzorcij) and then I put on hole punch stickers, for that extra oomph (available in any school supply store in Slovenia).
Add your name tag to the gift.  You can use the ends of the string to tie the name tag on or add the name tag with a second piece of string.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful,if so, don't hesitate to give me a shout.

Do you know if there are any other arts and crafts shops in Ljubljana worth visiting that I haven't mentioned in this post?

Talk to you soon,


Teja xoxo

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