Frankfurt am Main

Hi, everybody,

Sorry that I haven’t been writing much in the past few days, it’s just that so much has happened that I don’t know where to startJ

I spent the last few days in Frankfurt am Main which is a major financial Mecca in Europe. There is the European Central Bank at the Willy-Brand Platz (the building with a really big euro in front). The first thing that I had noticed when I got here was the numerous businessmen (and women) in suits, glued to their blackberrys and i-pads. In fact, while I was on the train from Freiburg, I was sitting next to an overstressed businessman who had a photo of a golden retriever on his screen saver (clearly not married, well, actually yes – to his job) and was bitching on his blackberry about cancelling all the planned breaks in a presentation for the next day. I was really relieved when I finally arrived to Frankfurt am Main.

Em (yep, remember that other blogger?) was waiting for me at the U-Bahn station. It was so good to see her after all this time! We had a bite to eat at Burger King which turned out to be a poor choice due to my sensitive stomach but a good night’s sleep took care of that.
The next day, I went to explore Frankfurt. I took a subway to Eschenheimer Tor which is a beautiful 400-year-old tower now turned into a restaurant, looking like this:

Then I went on foot to Hauptwache, which lies in the very heart of Frankfurt am Main and also a beginning of a major shopping street in Frankfurt, called Zeil (all you shopaholics out there – you might want to learn this German word;))


The Zeil photographed from above from some shopping mal

You can imagine how psyched I was to see all those cool shops all in one place. Yay! The Zeil has brands such as Benefit, Mac, Fossil, Pohland, Tommy Hilfiger, Claire’s, Calvin Klein, Accesorize, Princess Tam tam, Bijoux Brigitte, Douglas, Mango and many (and I mean many when I say many) more.

Of course, I couldn’t help myself with a little shopping spree. It was heavenly!

Here are some random snaps from Zeil and around Zeil:

 Take care,


Teja xoxox

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