Frankfurt am Main vol. 2

When visiting Frankfurt am Main, make sure to skip visiting the European Central Bank because albeit its importance in the financial world, it’s a really (and I mean really) ugly buildingL and I was like: ‘’That’s is it?!’’ Mind you, the glum weather did not contribute to the beauty of already boring looking glassy building.

So I walked and I walked all the way to Römer Platz where the Frankfurter Altstadt aka the old city centre is. It’s very nice but very tiny. It’s only a little square with like 8 houses and that’s about it. But adorable nonetheless.

Then I walked on foot to the Eiserner Steg, a big bridge on the river Main, nibbling on a Brötchen and watching the seagulls soaring in the air. It was really cool just being there and enjoying the view. In that moment, everything in my life seemed so simple. I put a few breadcrumbs in the palm of my hand and I extended it like an offering to the seagulls. They flew over to me and gobbled all the breadcrumbs from my hand. And they even pinched me a few times, little buggers:) And in that very moment, I realized how little one needs to be happy. That – me doing something simple and ´´unimportant´´ as feeding the seagulls – that was happiness.:)That day was a good day.

Oh, totally forgot to tell you about Goethe´s House. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a renowned German poet and writer. In Frankfurt, you can visit his house. I highly recommend you to take a guided tour (it last for about an hour) through the entire house. You get all the juicy background stories of the Goethe family. The entrance fee is 5 euros.

After that I got hungry and met up with my new friends: Takis, Tomo and Hans  - and of course Em and we went to the Asian fusion restaurant called Asio, where I had sesame vegetable and chicken noodles. It was really good but after one hour, I was hungry again:(

After our lovely lunch, it was teatime. So we went to the Maingold. I really recommend it. The cafe is comfy and cosy and offers the best chai latte I have ever tasted! Em tells me they also have very good cakes but they were out of them :) I guess they must be really delicious!

And the next day, I had to fly home. I had a great time in Germany, will be coming back soon. The Germans are very friendly and helpful people. Like, on the street, I only had to pull out a map of the city and somebody would walk up to me and offer me help. I didn’t even have to ask! I thought that was pretty decent.

Okay, enough from me.
Have a happy Monday!
Teja xoxox

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