How to Preserve Sun-Dried Tomatoes Like the Italians

Here is a little trick I'd picked up in Italy. I am a huge fan of the Sicilian sun dried tomatoes, I can't get enough of them. When I went shopping in Italy, I had as much fun shopping for food as shopping for shoes :)
While in Italy, I have also learned that I had been preserving my sun-dried tomatoes improperly. So, I've decided to write this post, in case there's anybody else out there, who is making the same mistake as I was:)
To preserve the sun dried tomatoes, you will need a bit of patience, but it's so worth it!

a clove of garlic
virgin olive oil
herbal salt
250 g of sun-dried tomatoes (check with your local Italian deli)
an empty jam jar

1 Soak the tomatoes in water and bring them to a boil. 
2 Sieve the wet tomatoes and let them dry on a grid for two days.3 Make sure the tomatoes are completely dry before you preserve them!
4 Divide the sun-dried tomatoes into three little piles. Place one pile in your jar.
5 Peel the garlic and place the little cloves all over the first little pile of tomatoes. Use as much garlic as you like, if you're not a garlic lover, that's okay, skip this part.
6 Sprinkle with herbal salt.
Add olive oil so the tomatoes are almost entirely covered.
8 Press the tomatoes down with a fork  or a cooking spoon really hard, so that the trapped air comes out. Repeat all the previous steps til you have used all the sun-dried tomatoes. 
Let the tomatoes soak in all the herbs and garlic for a few weeks, then they're ready for the first tasting:)

Enjoy your sun-dried tomatoes!


Teja xoxox

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