How not to go Broke in Palmanova

If you’re from Italy, Slovenia, Austria or Croatia, you must have heard of Palmanova Village Outlet. If not, let me explain in a nutshell – it’s basically a shopping village, with sales all year round. In short – it’s paradise.

This Sunday was my first shopping trip to Palmanova and I have to admit I wasn’t particularly excited about the whole thing since two of my closest friends said that it was nothing special. End quote. Therefore, I was expecting a big warehouse-like building with fluorescent lights and bad ventilation and cheap clothes stacked in piles and people fighting over them like pigeons over crumbs.

I am happy to say that this was one of those occasions when life pleasantly surprises you and gives you something way better than you had imagined. The ‘’village’’ was an actual mini village with detached houses, each a shop on its own, with everything your heart desires: from Lindt chocolaterie, to renowned brands, such as Baldinini, Pollini, Calvin Klein, IXOS, Pupa Makeup, I could go on and on. Like I said – it was paradise. A paradise that caused a big leakage in my wallet, which is not the first nor the last time it has happened. So, I have decided to do something about it – and to blog about this experience, hopefully preventing further faux pases for myself and for all the lost souls making a pilgrimage to Palmanova.

Here’s what you need to know. Before you splurge in Palmanova:

1. Know exactly how much money you have on your account - and in your wallet. This is vital because it’s the only way to create a budget and work within it. Think also about when you’re shopping: at the beginning of the month, in the middle or at the end, since you still need some money left to cover your living expenses. What good are the new Pradas, if you don’t have the money to for your electricity bill?

2. Work out a budget and write it on a piece of paper. Why? Because you need to see the number on paper. If you don’t write it down, it exists only in your head and you can quickly override it in the shopping rush.

3. Have some extra cash saved up for emergencies. Okay, let’s say that we have a budget of 250 euros. Fair enough? And let’s say that you’ve spent 30 on a T-shirt, 100 on a pair of jeans and a sweater and then you see the killer pumps that are perfect for you and you have been looking for ages – but they are 180 euros, which is 60 over your budget.

Are you still taking them?

If no, good for you, you have the discipline of a Buddhist monk. But then again, you are also one in a million, so you don’t really count.

If yes, I would suggest working out another little budget that serves as a backup of the aforementioned budget. Yes, you need to work out a budget within a budget. I mean, what are you going to do, slice the pump off to be within the budget frame?

The point of this is, how much is the absolute maximum that you are willing to spend, without actually touching the money that covers your living expenses?

4. Make a list of things that you really need. Say you need a pair of nice sturdy winter boots. This is what you need and this is what you go for. At last, you got them. Good. But then again, you also got Calvin Klein undies and a tracksuit. Yes, you need them, but they’re not the absolute must. But then again, you really, really like them. And then you decide that you absolutely need them.

Sounds familiar?

There is a good remedy against that. Write a list. Put the list in your pocket. Take a list out of your pocket when you get there and start ticking things off. If it’s not on the list, you’re not allowed to buy it. Simple.

5. Maintain self-discipline. Are you kidding?! I’m a woman on a shopping spree and now all of a sudden I have to maintain a sense of self-control??

Been there?

This is the hardest part, I mean who wouldn’t want to buy everything their heart desires. But eventually, you do need to put a break on or your finances will suffer. Think of it this way: if you leave something that you really liked behind, you have something to look forward to next time you come to PalmanovaJ

Hope you've enjoyed this post,


Teja xoxox

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