A Vintage Saturday

Finally, after months of waiting and really rainy weather, on the first sunny and warm day since forever, the first vintage market of the season has been held in Tabor. Once again, I have to say this, finally! The last vintage market was organized in October for Halloween:S But on the other hand, there is something special about browsing for a bargain on a sunny day in the summer:) The only thing I really missed about this Vintage Saturday was free Cockta, which is a kind of Slovene Coca-cola:) It would add that special touch of the old days in Yugoslavia, when Slovenia was virtually untouched by the West.

What I love about the Ljubljana Vintage Markets is that they are so versatile. It's not just second-hand and vintage stuff that is being sold, it's also modern versions of bits and bobs with a hint of nostalgia. I fell in love with HandmadesweetheART by Nina Kavžar (photos above)

Instead of good luck piggies, why not good try good luck bunnies by E.G.I. (Evini Glineni Izdelki)?

While browsing for bargains and photographing, I've found a new bookmark by Helena Vedric 
You have to check out her art, it's so cool! (photo above)
Original handmade necklaces by Lisica in Volk 
Playful and colorful art by Mateja Lukežič
Check out her blog, it's so adorable:)
All this shopping made me hungry. Time for a healthy snack and what better than Fruštek
homemade granola bars?
The girls from Zlatarstvo Skušek were selling handmade unique silver jewelry, so pretty.

And where would Vintage Market be without the fashionistas? I took photos of Tabor's finest:

Hope to see you at the next Vintage Market in Ljubljana!


Teja xoxo

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  1. Ovdje nema marketa takve vrste :( Želim da imamo takve markete ovdje u Sarajevu!!!!

    1. Selma, možda da to ti organiziraš? :)


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