Blogger Meeting. Sort of.

The reason why I'm saying this is because Ema (left) is not technically a blogger. But she has a really cool Facebook page, Ema Bavcon Art, that you can check out and like. Ema gets and buys all kinds of vintage trinkets on her travels and flea markets and then she puts them together and-hello, you've got a new unique piece of jewelry.

We met for a cup of coffee to celebrate our successful giveaway we had hosted together in September. It was really fun just to chat with her about everything, from life to blogging, to makeup, because among other things, Ema is makeup artist for MUD cosmetics and that profession has always fascinated me. I mean, what woman doesn't enjoy speaking the delicious language of makeup?

Thank you Ema for hosting this giveaway with me, we have to do this again, it was fun:)



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