To the Market, to the Market

One of the most interesting aspects of traveling, to me at least, are, the local food and the local food markets. They latter are like a beehive - forever buzzing with life; everybody is yelling over each other, you can't make out what they're saying, and even if you could, you wouldn't be able to understand it anyway, since everything is in the local language. Which makes it that much more exciting.
Yup. I am back in Colombo, Sri Lanka. And it feels good to be back. Food markets are always my favorite place to see. The colors of the exotic fruit are absolutely beautiful, some of which I've never even seen before in my life. And they are cheap and local.
When it comes to selling fruit and vegetables, Sri Lankans like to kick it old school, which means that the salespeople still use weights. Then, they write a list of all the items you've bought (in Sinhalese, of course, why bother with English?) on a wrinkled piece of paper and how much each item costs. Then, they add them all together (without a calculator, mind you). And then, you pay.
There are lots of stray animals in Sri Lanka because it's a third world country and the home of Buddhism, which means that animals are not allowed to be euthanized or castrated. That's why the animals are multiplying like bunnies; the most popular ones being dogs (infested with fleas, of course), ravens and cats. In Colombo, there is shit load of ravens. Seriously, it's not normal to have this many ravens! And they are really big and they are going to steal anything sparkly or shiny, so when I go to the swimming pool, I always wrap my cell phone in a towel, so it doesn't shine in the hot sun.
The fish market is also interesting. It was curious to see different kinds of species of fish and crabs that you wouldn't normally see in Europe. I was also relieved that it didn't smell at all. The meat market is an entirely different story, though. I did not go there because a reliable source told me that the ravens of Colombo are happily munching down the pieces of displayed meat at the butcher's which is something I definitely do not want to see!
I found this chair by a fruit stand and took a few photos of it. I think it's cool that no matter where I go, love follows me around. Love. And every person, no matter what color their skin or religion is, needs only love. Love.

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  1. Woow, Sri Lanka.. Super fotke in komaj čakam na še več objav (:

    1. jih imam splaniranih kar še nekaj, tako da učke na peclje;)


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