Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

New Growth Designs rose bouquet / Linea home decor / Jamie Young glass hurricane / Sugarboo Designs linen throw pillow / Vietri ceramic dinnerware / Imm Living small item storage / Hand woven basket / Bunny home decor / Bird wall art, $34 / Happy Jackson tea mug, $12 / White wall art

I've always liked mixing rustic interiors with contemporary pieces. These are some of my favorite bits of interior design. I adore pistaccio and turquoise colors, as far as the interior design goes, these colors are smoking hot and any interior design diva should have them in her little palace. I can't get enough of them, I want my entire apartment to be in these colors! Here are some howtos:

TIP 1: Turn only one wall into a focal point of the room and cover it with wallpaper of your choice. Paint the rest of the walls in white/magnolia/vanilla.

TIP 2: Place either really light or really dark decorative pieces against the wallpaper, it's going to make the pieces really stand out.

TIP 3: Frame your artwork with really thick black frames.

TIP 4: Why not try screenprinted pillows with animal designs?

TIP 5: Mix and match contemporary decorative pieces with nostalgic ones you'd found in your grandpa's attic or cellar

I hope you found these tips useful,


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