Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Where to begin? The last two days have been crazy. It took me almost four hours to get to Mirissa from Colombo. First a tuk tuk from my place to the Colombo Bus Station, then a bus (air-conditioned, yay!) from Colombo to Galle, then another (local!) bus to Mirissa and another tuk tuk to the hotel. I was drenched with sticky sweat and exhausted, so when a waiter in the hotel brought me a refreshing ice cold papaya smoothie, the arduous journey was soon forgotten.  Here are a few snapshots from the journey to Mirissa:

 A tuk tuk ride in Colombo during the rush hour. And yes, it is as bad as it looks.
 Bananas anyone?
 Journey from Galle to Mirissa. Gorgeous beaches!
 The ride in a local bus to Mirissa. The guy just piled the lettuce beside the bus driver:)
Made it! Behold the Mirissa Beach!:)
I couldn't get enough of the exotic flora and fauna of Sri Lanka. Everything is so different from Europe. The animals look different, the fruit looks and tastes different. Everything is new and exciting. After several fails, I did manage to take a photo of a beautiful yellow bird that was singing above my head and a chipmunk that was nibbling on anything that it could get his little paws on and making pieces of bark and leaves fall on me:)
 Here's the Mirissa Beach, but where's Mitch Buchannon to save me from those big waves?
 Aaaah. Here he is:)

Lots of love,

Teja xoxo

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