Dude, where's my soap?

I am talking of course about top notch Bollywood soap operas, feeding the souls and the minds of the common Indian folk. I am telling you, Spanish Telenovelas have nothing on these when in comes to sappiness and the expected ''unexpected'' twists. The bad fluorescent lightning, the cheap (really cheap!) sets, visibly fake tears smearing the girls' makeup like somebody had turned on a fountain, combined with pretty cheesy acting. Oh yeah, Indians eat this up like chicken tikka masala.

They have this channel here called ''Star Plus'' over here in Sri Lanka and it's soap operas 24 hours a day. I know it's bad TV, but I couldn't stop watching it. I mean it was interesting to see from a cultural perspective: the saris the women wore were really beautiful and when some girl was getting married, all the women had a ceremony where they would paint each others' hands with henna tattoos. There is also no kissing on the lips, no sex scenes, no nudity, no smoking, no cursing and no alcohol. I entered an entirely new universe completely foreign to me.

By the way, did you know that they cut out all sex and kissing scenes in Western movies here? When somebody is drinking alcohol or smoking, there is a small subtitle saying ''Smoking Kills.'' Pretty interesting, right?

I lasted exactly 17 minutes, though. I couldn't watch it till the end. Way too sappy and predictable for my taste:) So here are a few screenshots that I took at which I was laughing my head off:

I hope you found the screenshots as amusing as I did:)

Take care,

Teja xoxo

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  1. Nevem, kako je z indijskimi telenovelami.. Res ne zgledajo obetavno. Vendar filmi so vrhunski, sploh pa mislim film 3 idiots in Taare Zameen Par. Ti zelo priporočam ogled, če še seveda nisi gledala :D

    1. Prvič slišim. Bom počekirala. Verjamem, da so kar na nivoju, glede na to, da Bollywood sproducira ogromno fimov na leto

  2. Malenkost. Ja, res je. Če primerjam tista dva filma z ameriškimi se lahko skrijejo. Seveda pa je to samo moje mnenje. Mogoče komu ne bo všeč. Samo do zdaj kdorkoli je gledal, je rekel, da sta res dobra.


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